COVID-19 Desk Divider PPE Screen 80cm


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Protect Your Staff, Get Back To Work Sooner!

Rollup Protection Screen made with Clear PVC Fabric.

An ideal solution to separate desks that would be opposite or next to each other, or you can combine several screens to create a cubicle to seperate off an area. This brilliant product will help protect your staff by preventing them breathing onto each other in spaces where it is not possible to be 2 metres apart.

Each banner is 80cm wide x 200cm tall and is made on a premium rollup banner system, so can be re-positioned and re-used wherever needed.

The pole at the back comes in 3 sections so if fitting between the desks is not possible, you could use 1 or 2 of the pole sections and place the banner on the desk.


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Weight 5 kg