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Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018

It’s that time of year again. Following the seasonal binge of food and drink, or perhaps as a result of contemplation over the festive period, January usually marks the start of change (and for most, reverting back to how we were after a week or two).

This change could not only apply to you personally, but that of your company’s image. Is it time for a rebrand, and how would you know?

In today’s instant world, it is important to stay fresh and professional. Are you still using a typeface that was cool in the 80’s? Has your company changed direction since your logo was created, and is that logo still relevant to the nature of the business?

Here are some other reasons why a change might be needed. If any of these apply to you, our design team are ready to help.

Developing your brand
Not so long ago, a basic corporate identity consisted of just a logo, a simple typeface and selection of basic colours to use. This vague guide meant that there was a lot of freedom when applying the brand, and over time, your visual image may have blurred. If you use photos, do they have a similar feel and style, or are they quite random?

Clean and simple…
Your image needs to be crystal clear. Your business name, colour scheme, tagline and look needs to represent your organisation. If it’s not obvious, potential customers will get confused. You’ll receive enquiries that are not relevant (and will waste your time) and the customers that you’re trying to attract will not notice you. Corporations are now using simplistic logos rather than 3D images.

…but not too simple
Maybe your business has a very simple logo that uses a simple font. Maybe you just use some initials. This kind of logo is very nondescript and doesn’t give much away to existing and potential customers. It’s time to add a little extra to your logo and introduce a tagline. Additional colour or graphic elements. Stand out from your competitors.

Damaged reputation
Unfortunately there are times when negative press surfaces about a business or a product, which tarnishes the reputation of an organisation. This is an ideal time to introduce a fresh new look, making people believe you have changed your ways and started anew.

New year, new you
A change of name can be a fantastic way to show the new release of life within a company. Whether it is from a merger or sale of a company, change of business environment, an attempt to restore your reputation, or launch a new business strategy or direction, a new logo will definitely be needed, no question about it.

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