Is printing finished…?

For one reason or another, we are all getting less post than we used to, but does that necessarily mean that printing is finished?

Research from MarketReach suggests that direct mail is getting a better response than ever. Their study revealed:

  • 87% of people said they were influenced to make an online purchase as a result of receiving direct mail
  • Four out of five people said they had connected with a business after getting direct mail
  • The average mailer hangs around the home for 17 days
  • 29% of people said their mailers were shared with someone else
  • 72% of people getting less than three pieces of mail a day
  • 70% agreed they were getting too many emails

Perhaps the decline of direct mail is it’s greatest strength.

However, not all direct mail gets the same response, so how do you maximise it’s appeal?

One way is to think big, really big, 3D big! Imagine receiving an envelope where you can feel something lumpy inside. You’re naturally going to open it. Adding an unusual-sized item in your direct mail will ensure it gets opened. That item could be a business card, a folder, a personalised pen, or a small personalised notepad or block of branded sticky notes.

These are all items we can help you with in engaging with your dormant or prospective clients, including the mailing itself. Call us now on FREEPHONE 0808 178 3378 to see how we can help.

This isn’t the end. This is only the beginning.

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