Cost-effective Watermarks

Offering an elegant touch and unique distinction to business, or indeed, personal stationery, watermarked papers are typically used by prestigious institutions including corporations, universities, and law firms. Yet the high cost of embedding a mark into the paper during the production process makes the idea a dream for most of us.

Not any more. Here at Nima, we can produced custom-marked papers for you or your organisation at a fraction of this usually prohibitive cost. Now your own stationery paper – for letterheads, compliment slips, notepads etc – can feature your personal or company emblem in any fixed or repeating pattern, giving a luxurious impression to the recipient.

Although nothing is forge-proof, such as money for example, watermarking also adds a level of security to your documents for added authenticity, perfect for engineering, accountants, solicitors and other professionals, since the watermark can not be photocopied, making it ideal for contracts and final copy accounts.

The paper is safe to use in your printers as with any other stationery, and naturally we can print your branded stationery at the same time.

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