Better Business Cards

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the most underrated means of making a first impression is when you present your business card.

You may not shake on a deal in your first meeting, but you will hand over your business card. No matter how well you come across in the initial meeting with your prospective client, the greatest impression you will leave is from your business card. It’s a sensory explosion, especially if you are talking to the client at the same time – as they are listening to you, they see a flash of colour passing in front them, and there is also the tactile experience of holding something hard in their hand, and we all like that feeling!!!

If you’ve taken advantage of a cheap deal on a website when ordering your cards, it’s a safe bet that the card will be limp, the colour dull, and nothing quite says you’re cheap-and-nasty than with “business cards are free at…” printed on the back! You will certainly make an impression with the client, but not the one you were hoping for.

At Nima, we are able to produce all manner of styles to make a good lasting impression. From traditional thick cards, to 2-ply and even 3-ply for extra strength. Your card doesn’t need to be card either. You can use plastics, wood, metal, die-cut shapes, embossing, foiling, the only limit is your imagination.

Here are a few examples for inspiration that we could produce for you, and we can design them in-house.

Call the office now, and we can start putting your card together.

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